"UN/BALANCE" multimedia&butoh research project by Mariano Leotta

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UN/BALANCE”     multimedia&butoh research project by Mariano Leotta

Project Plan&Collaborators >>  https://co-iki.org/en_US/mariano-leotta-201915-201924/

We are very glad to announce that Mariano Leotta,a multi-media creator,will collaborate with those active and promising butoh dancers in Japan,Dai Matsuoka,Kei Ishikawa and Masahiro Nakanishi for his multimedia&butoh research project “UN/BALANCE”.

He will try to research the interplay of body and the human relationship through community workshop experimenting with his multi-media and mainly collaborating with Dai Matsuoka,a butoh dancer who is a member of Sankaijuku and the director of LAND FES,an art&dance festival based in Tokyo.
It will be a performative,multi-media project with a long-term view and these experimental collaborations will be a starting point for his future creation and further collaboration.


Image Theater Workshop for “UN/BALANCE”  by Mariano Leotta

10:00-17:30,January 20th,2019 at Sengawa Factory(Tokyo)



Work in Progress of  “UN/BALANCE”

Collaborative experimentation with Japanese promising butoh dancers,now work-in-progress.

Images from first sessions&experiments / photo by bozzo

Dancers: Dai Matsuoka, Kei Ishikawa

Multimedia(volumetric light) : Mariano Leotta

Special thanks to Masahiro Nakanishi, Sho Tokura, Noriko Kubota, Yasuko and Isamu.