Mariano Leotta 2019/1/5-2019/2/4

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Mariano Leotta
Mariano Leotta

 Mariano Leotta,born in 1982 in Sicily, he has been based since then in Milan, Berlin, Dubai, and Montreal.His creations have been seen all around the world, and invited to prestigious art events, such as Moscow Biennale, Mediterranea and International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA). During his career he had the privilege to collaborate with international clients, such as BMW, Mercedes, Royal Caribbean, and high profile artists, such as Red Hot Chili PeppersNamie Amuro, Childish Gambino, among others.

His creative path has always been moved by passion and curiosity: formed in experimental theater and cinema, it evolved significantly with the work on multimedia art and interactive dance. Recently he has been focusing on the artistic direction of music shows, and he is always keen to get back to his first love and that creative freedom given by multimedia art.


Project Plan


Starting from a loose reflection on human relationships, I have been posing myself some high level questions. How people are relating to each other in claustrophobic situations? A cell, an oppressive household or a simple state of mind.

I noticed a series of extreme relational patterns and behaviours dictated by social conditioning and I started taking some visual notes, sketches on my notebook. It felt just natural to imagine how those relations, that social pressure could be visualized with light: walls that grow in between people, rooms that force them together.

A performative element has been missing to the project. When I bumped into a video of a Butoh dancer. A silent scream. I was mesmerized: his physical expressivity, his grotesque pose, his look. I wanted to know more. I wanted it in the project.

During the residency my plan is to combine a physical and a multimedia research, butoh and volumetric lights, to create an immersive environment. A space where invisible dividers forces human behaviours, where relationships can become absurd.

Community Workshop by Mariano

January 20th, sunday , in Sengawa

*Please check the details of the WS on our Facebook page.






Elektro kokon







Elektro kokon













Dai Matsuoka

















Dai Matsuoka is a Butoh Dancer and the Artistic Director of LAND FES based in Tokyo. He has been a dancer with Butoh company SANKAIJUKU since 2005 and has danced in eight SANKAIJUKU pieces including “Kinkan Shonen”, “Tobari”, “Meguri” and “Unetsu” in over 20 countries.

Matsuoka has also been directing the performance event “LAND FES” in Tokyo since 2011, where the audience is navigated to encounter live sessions by musicians and dancers taking place at different places in the town.

Matsuoka is also in collaboration with puppet company Phantom Limb (NY) for its latest piece “FALLING OUT” as a choreographer and performer. Its premiere will take place at Brooklyn Academy of Music in NY in November 2018.

As a member of NPO Dance Archive Network (TOKYO), Matsuoka is also involved in research, development and utilization of Butoh legend Yoshito Ohno’s 3D motion data for archival purpose of Butoh.

Matsuoka was in charge of movement direction of over 1600 senior citizens at the massive play “GOLD SYMPHONY my dream, your dream” presented by Saitama Arts Foundation at Saitama Super Arena in 2016.


Kei Ishikawa










Born in Aichi prefecture in 1986.Kei started classical ballet when she was 4-year-old and graduated from ballet course of Showa University of Music.

In 2007, she encountered Daisuke Yoshimoto’s butoh and took part in his performance piece “Tears of Eros”. In 2008,Ishikawa joined Yoshimoto’s tour to Poland and then after showed her own solo piece “Departure of Prodigal Daughter”. In 2009, she took part in the tour of Yoshimoto to NYC,Mexico and Poland. After 2010 till now,Ishikawa has joined several performances by Yoshimoto touring mainly to Poland and showing her solo pieces all around the world.


Masahiro Nakanishi











Nakanishi is a founder of “Tokyo Diamond”, an improvisational performance unit based in Tokyo. After his career as an actor for TV commercial film, theater and radio, he stepped into the Butoh world and he is the last pupil of Mitsutaka Ishii, one of the founders of Ankoku Butoh.

Nakanishi creates and improvises performances in different places like shopping street, temples, park, woods and so on. Alongside his own creation, Nakanishi is actively working as a director/coordinator of art festivals, administrative workshops and stage-managing.