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<co・iki members>  ※Since March 2016 – subject to change
Owner/Producer:Yoko Negami
Support Members:Kaori Tooyama, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Takahiro Hamada[Technical Support]

Start-up Members : Emma Ota,Nozomu Kikuchi, Satoe Kanamori

Photography Support:bozzo


Yoko Negami
Graduated  from  the  International  Relations
Course  of  Tsuda  Women’s  University.  Studied
at Wimbledon School of Art. She works between
a  wide  range  of  fields  from  government  led
programs  to  entertainment  events,  further
linking art with other areas of engagement. She
also  coordinates  contemporary  dance  events,
community  art  projects  and  offers  support
towards emerging artists. She has initiated co・
iki  due  to  her  interest  in  the  ties  between  the
individual  and  society,  interdisciplinary
processes and coexistence.
Kaori Tooyama
Graduated  from  the  Masters  program  in  Music
Anthropology  of  Tokyo  University  of  the  Arts.
After working for a record label she has come to
work  in  a  field  supporting  young  artists  and  is
currently  developing  a  program  for  a  regional
body  rooted  in  the  local  culture.  She  holds  a
wide interest in all forms of art expression and
cultural  engagement  which  link  with  history,
locality  and  society,  and  is  building  research
across these areas.

Start-up Members

Emma Ota
Graduated from the master course of
Musashino Art University in 2011. Organizer of
the project “dislocate”, questioning the
meaning of locality in globalized technology
driven society. Guest curator at Akiba Art Lab.
Has also been engaged in long term research
into media art and artist run spaces particularly
in the Asian region. She pursues art as a
platform for the collision of ideas and debate
surrounding the current condition of society.    |

Nozomu Kikuchi
Graduated from the architecture department of
Tokyo University of Science. During his time as
a  student  he  volunteered  in  projects such  as
Echigo-Tsumari  Triennale  as  well  as
contributing  to  events  run  by  Yoko  Negami.
After  graduating  Lin  worked  for  Kasuya
Architects Office and now belongs to a generic
architectural firm.


Satoe Kanamori
Graduated from English Literature course of
Tsuda Women’s University.
Has been involved in the marketing of product
development  for  a  food  company,  through
which she has directly encountered the appeal
of bringing something new into the world. She
is  currently  undertaking  the  planning  and
facilitation of events.