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<Local Area of Sengawa>
Point 1.
Sengawa is a district populated by students, young people and families alike, with a lively  gathering of  people around the station and shopping street  areas.  In  the  area  you  can  find  a  variety  of  specialist  shops, restaurants,  supermarkets  and  even  a  DIY  store  all  within  walking distance with all kinds of goods and materials easily at your fingertips.

Point 2.
There is a wide provision of cultural facilities including theater, art museum, gallery and music university close at hand. In addition to regular festivals and  events  the  area  also  boasts  the  annual  “Jazz  Art  Sengawa”  music festival alongside leading art programs.


Sengawa Theater http://www.sengawa-gekijo.jp/
JAZZ ART SENGAWA http://www.sengawa-gekijo.jp/kouen/11470.html

Tokyo Art Museum http://www.tokyoartmuseum.com/ + Sengawa Theater
http://www.sengawa-gekijo.jp/     Gallery Space
Mushakoji Saneatsu Kinenkan http://www.mushakoji.org/index.html

Point 3.
Centrally  located,  just  18  minutes  by  train  from  Shinjuku  station  on  the Keio line, Sengawa is the perfect location from which to access the bustle of  the  city  while  being  amongst  the  greenery  of  the  suburbs,  amongst which may be found a historic temple and a public bath “onsen” facility.