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 New Project!  Details coming soon.



\一緒に取り組める有志・仲間、ライター・編集分野の方(経験問わず)、募集します/ 下記までお知らせください。




HAGAAH103585(かんずり作り/新潟県新井市 - Kanzuri Processing in Arai City,Niigata) ◎HAGA LIBRARY







“Fu-u-do(風-wind 土-soil) ” in Japanese meaning climate,local culture and nature environment which is rooted in those various traditional customs,daily lives,rituals and festivals.

You could discover it through the real local crafts,food culture and intangible heritages passed down generation after generation in villages and towns all over Japan.

“Ki” means record,memory,energy and vessel in different Kanji(Chinese character).

We try to record and creatively transform all those intangible cultures through the interplay between Japanese locals and our overseas residents actually touching the local arts and crafts, joining and collaborating in its process.

We also try to bring the real local life to be experienced online,even at a long distance,so that people interested would be able to delve into Japanese culture and  its “Fu-u-do”.

Actually some crafts could be shipped directly to you to be appreciated in your daily life there.

Reinterpretation of  “Fu-u-do(風土)” on a more glocal scale and somehow making it tangible for you is what we would like to realize in this project.

Enjoy the genuine from our   “fo・do・ki” (fu-u-do-ki) !