"POLYTOPIA": Experimental Remote Residency for Creative Thinkers 2021

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Where do we stand now?



A location is not a single location anymore

Land is not simply a geographical location

The relationship between between land and ancestors is blurred

A body is not an identified body

Spaces are losing a their physical location/specificity

Borders have now melted away


The physical contact that used to bridge the bodies, objects and lands is no longer meaningful


Everything is circulating in between



The land is now a multiplicity and the vernacular is becoming a fluid identity


We exist everywhere without any presence



What does locality/localization mean in this fluid time?


Where do we stand now for our co-existence, co-creation and co-breathing?



In this residency, we will try to co-create “POLYTOPIA” through different creative approaches to locality, physicality, environment, gender, community and technology, together with people of various backgrounds and identities.



POLYTOPIA – It’s not a Utopia or a Dystopia, neither a Heterotopia

[Graphic Design by Hlib Shkurupii]

This year’s Co-iki Residency “POLYTOPIA” is composed of different themes which should be related to the main concept. We will try to create “POLYTOPIA” together with people from various backgrounds, identities and interests.

POLYTOPIA : Experimental Remote Residency by Co-iki ,participating creators and the collaborators  – [Residency for All Creative Thinkers]

#cocreative residency #polytopia

Participating Creators from India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Ukraine , Nigeria  + more visiting creators.


UN/Learning Lab  – [Open Sessions for All]

#unlearning lab  #cocreative session 

I. Circular Community / Ecosystem & Biodiversity : Talk Session & Workshop

II. Caring / Gender & Family :  Talk Session

“Colorful Dialogues of Asian Women on Caring ,Gender and Family Issues “ (TBD)

III. Physicality / Memory & Alternative Archiving : Talk Session & Workshop (TBD)

*A series of sessions through 2020-2021


POLYTOPIA – Experimental Remote Residency

Get the ticket to apply ☛ https://apply-polytopia.peatix.com/

APPLY for the opportunity to present your practice during the COVID time!
*Deadline: October 30th (23:59 in Japanese Time UTC+9)


*About 2020 Remote Residency : https://co-iki.org/en_US/events/creativity-from-home/


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POLYTOPIA   [Residency for All Creative Thinkers] 

Experimental Remote Residency by Co-iki ,participating creators and the collaborators

   “Locality” and the “Indegenous” in This Changing Era

The participating creators will research,create and run their projects tackling the changing concept of “Locality” ,the “Indegenous” and “Vernacular”  during the residency period.   Anybody interested can join our gatherings and sessions: 

  • Casual Meetups of NEO BURAKU, our “new neighborhood” in this age
  • Open Studio Talk for Work-in-Progress 
  • Public Showcasing in November 

#cocreative residency #polytopia

Please check our SNS ,Blog posts for more updates!

Blog: https://co-iki.tumblr.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/c0iki/  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/co.iki/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coiki5

Participating Creators

Soe Yu Nwe / Myanmar


Soe Yu Nwe (born.1989) is an artist from Myanmar. After earning a MFA degree in Ceramics at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2015, Soe has been participating in numerous residencies in the United States and across Asia. Her experience of living cross-culturally has inspired her to reflect upon her own identity through making, conceiving it as a fluid, fragile and fragmented entity.

Through transfiguration of her emotional landscape by poetically depicting nature and body in parts, she ponders the complexities of individual identity in this rapidly changing globalized society. 

Francis Annagu / Nigeria


Francis Annagu is a documentary photographer, poet, curator and data reporter.

Exhibitions open up avenues for conversation and interaction with his themes. His artwork “Stone Brothers” has been exhibited virtually at Florence Contemporary Gallery 2020, and New Now Festival (Zeche Zollverein 2021). His photo projects showed up in Contrarian, Wotisart, The Photographic Museum of Humanity, and Social Documentary Network. He’s a curator and artist at Collective R and D_Research Lab for Independent Curators. Published extensively by Potomac Journal, The Unbroken Smile, London Grip New Poetry, Crannog Magazine, Kalahari Review, Metaphor Magazine, Commonline Journal, Galway Review, Save Africa Anthology, and Lunaris Review.


Subhash Maskara / India

IG:  https://www.instagram.com/subhashmaskara/

Filmography :https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6364910/

Subhash is a filmmaker / cinematographer from India.  He believes in films as an expression for social awareness, open discussion and change. He strives to do thought provoking films which may have an impact on it’s viewers, triggering the various other emotions along with the pleasure of experiencing audio-visual stories. His research interest comprises modern and contemporary changes in society, politics and human behavior and study of mythology and spirituality with a scientific paradigm. 

Olia Fedorova / Ukraine


Multidisciplinary conceptual artist, working with photography, video, installation and text. Born in 1994. Based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.Exhibited and participated in residencies and shows in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom. Her practice is focused on the exploration and interaction with the environments as semantic spaces, on revealing voids in them – the spots of uncertainty and slippery of language, of misunderstanding and miscommunication, in search of a common ground where the dialogue becomes possible.

Dai Kaisei 戴開成 / Taiwan



Kairakutei Bonjo as Rakugo performer and in real name,Dai Kaisei. He is a rakugo storyteller who has three places of origin: Tianjin, Tokyo, and Taipei. In addition, he is involved in various fields such as theater, interpretation and interpretation, cultural guidance, and city planning, and tries to make new proposals with various people. He tries to cultivate a “New Biotope” from the flavor created by replacing and layering different views and ideas, just as we replace languages.

He strongly believes this idea of a “New Biotope” could be a valuable proposal to society.  Above all, it is fun to think about it ruuning new projects.

Muhamad Gerly / Indonesia

IG: https://www.instagram.com/muhammadgerly/

Gerly has just graduated Telkom University in 2021. He founded the ROOMPOK, an artist collective in 2018 and has been working actively in the visual art and the theatre fields since then. His work focuses on exploring history, tales, and poetry transforming them into another field of presentation. 

Nana Biakova / Ukraine & Japan

IG: https://www.instagram.com/nanabiako/

Ukrainian Multidisciplinary graphic designer, performer, researcher located in Japan.  

For the last 7 years she has been working as a graphic designer and art director.

Her first education is interior design.She studied graphic design and media art in School of Visual communication in Kyiv and  performance art at the Polish School of Performance under Janusz Baldyga.Currently she is studying and researching Butoh dance and history in Japan. She is co-founder of an “Experimental Butoh Group ZA”  which is based in Ukraine and actively performed until 2020.

Before the pandemic in 2020 she performs mainly site-specific works in the Urban space. 

She works with such techniques as performance, video, collage and her performance works are based on Japanese avant-garde dance Butoh.



UN/Learning Lab   [Open Sessions for All] 

UN/Learning Lab is a new session program for people of any backgrounds and professions.

This will be a place to exchange ideas, learn from each other and unlearn what we’ve learnt so far in life.  We will also discuss global issues and various topics through artistic approaches and also from scientific, professional perspectives.

Please bring in your personal views as well to nurture this newly created lab and to make it full of insights and inspirations!

#unlearning lab  #cocreative session 

*Registration/Ticketing Required 

– The fee for the ticket will be partly donated to the creators with serious financial problems and to an organization that supports women who suffered DV(domestic violence) during this pandemic, as well as to an Indonesian initiative to save forests in Sumatra Island.

*Language translation (English-Japanese) will be available for some sessions. See below.

*All the sessions will be implemented remotely(online).


Theme I : Circular Community / Ecosystem & Biodiversity   

❶ Natural Ecosystem & Biodiversity

Get the ticket to join! >>> https://unlearning-forests.peatix.com/

Time & Date: 21:00- JST (UTC+9) November 4th ,2021  

Collaborator : Junko Shimura ,Green Academy Montreal (Biologist /Canada)   

Guest Creator :

Aki Nagasaka (Artist / Japan)  https://www.akinagasaka.net/

Adhari Donora  (Artist,Art Initiative / Indonesia)   https://adharidonora.wordpress.com/about/


Collaborator : 

Junko Shimura / Canada &Japan

Biologist ,Chair of Green Academy Montreal

Chair. Biologist by training. Ph D in immunology. Worked at University of Tokyo, Riken Institute, National Institute of Environmental Studies and United Nations. Current interests are in biodiversity, nature based solutions for climate change, sustainable agriculture and development. 

Green Academy Montreal


A group of good will people not for profit but to share the power of science, business and diverse culture to help our community better in Montreal and beyond. 


Guest Creator : 


Aki Nagasaka / Japan

Artist  https://www.akinagasaka.net/

Aki Nagasaka (b. 1980 in Osaka) currently lives and works between Japan and Hong Kong. She graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Art, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule Frankfurt with a Meisterschueler, and stayed in London for a year, supported by the Japanese government fellowship. Since 2020, she has been pursuing her art-practice-based PhD in the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Nagasaka starts her projects through chance encounters with living things, objects, and events in her daily life. Using multi-faceted research, physical activity, and storytelling as her main methodologies, she creates stories that connect seemingly independently existing matters, reveals undercurrents in society, and presents marginalized viewpoints that expose power structures existing between groups of people and species. Nagasaka’s main exhibitions include: To Our Beginnings: Time Traveling through Algae (The Hokkaido University Museum, 2021), ARTS & ROUTES (Akita Modern Museum of Art, 2020), Foreshadows (Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, 2019), Quatro Elementos (Galeria Municipal do Porto, 2017), Material and Mechanism (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, 2014), and Signs Taken in Wonder (The MAK, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art, 2013).



Adhari Donora / Indonesia

Artist, Art Initiative


Adhari Donora ( ID ) a.k.a Antirender is a graduate of Media and Cultural Studies Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. He is a hybrid. At this time he is interested in the visual effect that occurs because of an error in the interaction of digital and analog technology. He is very interested in video experiment, glitch art. In early 2012 , he became one of the founders of lifepatch.org – citizen initiative in art , science and technology , a community -based organization that works on interdisciplinary practices in art , science and technology, where he works until now. He is also involved in the ” Rumah Budaya SIKUKELUANG ” – an Initiative in Art and Culture in Pekanbaru, Riau, and engaged in conservation of Sumatra forests. 

Rumah Budaya SIKUKELUANG  – Initiative in Art and Culture in Pekanbaru, Riau


*Related links of their activities to save forests in Sumatra Island,Indonesia





❷ Collectivism : Ecosystem in Cultural Collective Practice  – Workshop & Learning Session  

Get the ticket to join! >>> https://unlearn-community-gudskul.peatix.com/

Time & Date: 20:00- JST (UTC+9) November 16th(tue) ,2021  

*Translation Available(English/Japanese)  

Collaborator : Gudskul    https://gudskul.art/ (Art Collective / Indonesia )



Gudskul: Studies on Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem is a public learning platform formed by three Jakarta-based collectives: ruangrupa, Serrum and Grafis Huru Hara. Since early 2000s, these collectives have been separately practicing collectivity in the contemporary art realm. In 2015, they joined forces to form a common ecosystem, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem. Learning from this working experience, Gudskul outlines a knowledge-sharing platform for everyone interested in the practice of similar approaches. Gudskul is formulated to explore collective practice with focus on dialogue, criticality, experimentation and empirical understanding. In Gudskul, participants will be directly involved in the mechanism of our ecosystem practice, while also expanding our valuable networks and resources. Gudskul sincerely believes in sharing and working together as two of very vital elements in developing Indonesian contemporary art and culture. Gudskul intends to disseminate initiative spirit in artistic and cultural endeavors in a society committed to collectivism.


Director : MG Pringgotono


Visual artist and exhibition designer, founder of teachers and artists collective SERRUM, Achieve “Special Mention Award” in Indonesia Art Award competition in 2010 entitled Contemporaneity. Art Residence in Seoul Art Space Geumcheon – South Korea and exhibiting 82:82 never enough video work. With SERRUM collective showing art project KURIKULAB, exhibite a documentation of focus group discussion performance. This performance invite teachers, principle, student, activist and parlement to talk and write artisticly on the table (2013). Exhibition at Sea+ Triennale 2013, Nasional Gallery of Indonesia. Public Art Project “Temporary Territory”, Darwin Festival, NT-Australia(2014).Oke Video Festival 2015, “Orde Baru” National Gallery of Indonesia. Art residency Programe, “Super Dansk Fantasi”at Digital Ineractive Art Space, Vallensbaek, Denmark(2016). “Following” Exhibition at National Gallery of Indonesia. Awarded as “Tokoh Metro Tempo 2016” by Tempo National Magazine (2016). In 2017 he make new platform to support DIY Practice called STUFFO/labs. Its moveable workshop to engage DIY practice and urban ecology concept.


➌ Circular Community :  Sustainability generated from Scientific Research by Citizen Initiative – Talk Session & Workshop (TBD)

Time & Date: : November-December ,2021  *TBD

*Translation Available(English/Japanese)   

Collaborator : Lifepatch!  https://lifepatch.org/  (Citizen Initiative / Indonesia )

Lifepatch is a citizen initiative in art-science-technology that was founded since 2012. It is a multidisciplinary organisation in a form of community. As a citizen initiative, Lifepatch invites its members and anyone who interested to involved in the research, and developing in collaboration within their surroundings through the presence of technology, the natural resources, and the human resources. Lifepatch members have a mission to be useful in developing the potential of local, human and natural resources. Lifepatch works within the spirit of Do It Yourself (DIY) and Do It With Others (DIWO) to explore the wider systems, or methods among the community and the networks. 

Wikiweb: https://lifepatch.id/Lifepatch_-_citizen_initiative_in_art,_science_and_technology

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lfptch/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/lifepatch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lifepatch



Theme II : Caring  / Gender & Family 


Get the ticket to join! >>> https://unlearn-caring.peatix.com/

Time & Date: 19:00- JST (UTC+9) November 22nd(mon) ,2021  

“Colorful Dialogues of Asian Women on Caring ,Gender and Family Issues “

*Translation Available(English/Japanese)


Collaborator : 

Joshibi University of Art and Design  (Women’s Art University in Tokyo) 

Akiko Ishiyama ( Forum Yokohama, Gender Equality Center )

Guest Creator:

Jiaqi Shen(Artist /Singapore ), Teresa Leung(Artist / Hong Kong) ,  Mei Homma (Artist / Japan & Indonesia)


Collaborator : 

Joshibi University of Art and Design / Tokyo, Japan 


In this collaborative program, the students of Joshibi will take closed sessions with the participating artists & guests in the course of University classes and will finally present their own project plans related to Gender & Family Issues.


Akiko Ishiyama / Yokohama, Japan 


Manager of Gender Equality Center South, Yokohama Association for Promotion of Gender Equality (Public interest incorporated foundation) . Studied Gender and Development in Thailand. She organizes seminars for unemployed women and has done research on women with foreign backgrounds. She is also involved in civic activity calling for selective use of separate surnames for married couples. 



Theme III : “Physicality” in the time of Remote Communication   


 (A series of sessions through 2021-2022)

 Physicality, Memory & Alternative Archiving    (TBD)

Collaborator :

Tenshing Kazama (Artist / Monk, based in Hokkaido,Japan )


I am a Japanese Zen monk and contemporary artist. Born in 1979. My reason for paralleling monk and artist is to discover the common challenges and values of art and religion and to re-present the interplay between them. The focus of my theme is “A methodology for gathering and enhancing the faith contained in religious institution.” and “The foundation of faith internalized in customs and culture.” and the physicality that is deeply related to both of these contents. In order to derive the uniqueness of art in Asia, his installations and art projects highlight the “history of nations and peoples” and the “spirituality behind the expression”.



Special Guests :
Buddhism, Tech, BioArt, Music ,Poetry, Performing Art, etc.  (TBD)



*More Details

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