"POLYTOPIA": Experimental Remote Residency for Creative Thinkers 2021

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Where do we stand now?

A location is not a single location anymore

Land is not simply a geographical location

The relationship between between land and ancestors is blurred

A body is not an identified body

Spaces are losing a their physical location/specificity

Borders have now melted away

The physical contact that used to bridge the bodies, objects and lands is no longer meaningful everything is circulating in between

The land is now a multiplicity and the vernacular is becoming a fluid identity

We exist everywhere without any presence

What does locality/localization mean in this fluid time?

Where do we stand now for our co-existence, co-creation and co-breathing?

In this residency, we will try to co-create “POLYTOPIA” through different creative approaches to
locality, physicality, environment, gender, community and technology,
together with people of various backgrounds and identities

POLYTOPIA – It’s not a Utopia or a Dystopia, neither a Heterotopia

[Graphic Design by Hlib Shkurupii]

This year’s Co-iki Residency “POLYTOPIA” is composed of different themes which should be related to the main concept. We will try to create “POLYTOPIA” together with people from various backgrounds, identities and interests.

POLYTOPIA : Experimental Remote Residency by Co-iki ,participating creators and the collaborators
Participating Creators from India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Ukraine , Nigeria ,Canada + more visiting creators..

UN/Learning Lab  – [Open Sessions for All]
I. Circular Community / Ecosystem & Biodiversity
II. Caring / Gender & Family : “Asian Women Dialogues”
III. Physicality / Memory & Archiving (a series of sessions through 2021-2022)