Milian Mori 2023/6/27-2023/9/7

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Milian Mori

Milian Mori is a composer and digital artist based in Switzerland. As part of his solo work he integrates dance, algorithms, pixels, and club music. In the last 12 years Mori has developed a musical language that aims to expand, project and reinterpret dance music’s common vocabulary.

Mori shares his deep interest in combining mathematics, geometry and data with emotion, dance and fulfillment: technology meets nature, binary meets fluids, algorithm meets spirituality, dualism meets triality, machine meets human, randomness meets self similarity. All of his works are trying to open the space which exceeds dualism. His art doesn’t want to answer, nor does it aim to question.

His debut album AS YOU WERE LISTENING is being released via the Raster Media platform, and captures the spirit of his previous works as well as establishing a new vision in which he endeavours to fuse pop culture with the art world. In AS YOU WERE LISTENING he’s using the distinct language of dub techno whilst attempting to expand the genre’s vocabulary with new changes, elements and aesthetics. (Artist Official)   /  IG:

milian mori | artists | raster-media (Raster Media)

Project Plan (performance plan)

During my stay, I will collaborate with the Japanese artist Toru Izumida ( who invited me to play at his concert series called “Public Visuals” ( Together we will play at three different events.

Through this residency, I will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of my collaborating partner and have the opportunity to prepare and process all the information before playing at the venue. In addition, if you see another possibility to present my music, I’d like to play at another venue too.

It’s the right step in my artistic career to participate in Co-iki residency.

There are many influences in my work that come from Japan, including Ryoji Ikeda, Aoki Takamasa, Vector Architects, and others. The residency will lay the groundwork for my artistic ex- change with Japanese culture: I’m hoping to build a relationship with this country which is mutually beneficial for both sides. I seek new connections and relations of different origins. The ultimate goal of my exchange with Japan is to lay the foundation for a long-term relationship. Hopefully, we can establish a mutually beneficial exchange.

 Following the dates for Milian Mori’s upcoming performances:

*Please contact us if you wish him to perform in other venues in Tokyo / Japan during his residency.  [

+  more to come..

Background and Interest

In the last six years I have spent most of my time studying music in Switzerland. Beginning with a bachelor’s degree in sound art, I finished my master’s degree in composition at the University of Bern in 2022.

Co-iki residency will be the perfect space for me to clear my mind and let go of all the knowledge I have accumulated over the years so I can find new original music. When I saw your photos online, I immediately knew this is exactly the place I’m looking for.

The most important aspect of the residency is to pick up the spirit of Japan and blend it with my music. This happens through the environment of the residency itself. I am really curious about people who live in this area, as well as the neighborhood around Co-iki.

My goal is to capture and digitally process the noises and activities of the city using special microphones. It’s a process of silence, listening and opening yourself to your surroundings. My curiosity is to know how the culture of your country will influence my music, and how I can combine it with my own musical and aesthetic language without losing the connection to the tradition I come from. The result of my research will be presented on my next solo album.