Loh Yi Pei 2016/11/22-2017/1/24

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Loh Yi Pei, born in 1989 in Malaysia, graduated from the Academy of Arts & Design, Beijing Tsinghua University (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Painting) and is currently studying Master of Art Curatorship in the University of Melbourne. Focus on work on paper, Yi Pei is interested in presenting the intervention of the artist’s imagination into everyday life experience and living environment. His works depict imaginary cityscape as well as distorted nature environment and show the interplay between real and fictional world. Yi Pei’s works have stories to tell but at the same time aim to inspire audience to generate their own.



Project Plan

During the residency in Co·iki, I am going to run an art project calledThe Barter Project which aims to interact with the local community by exchanging any item of the participant’s choice with my works of art, including drawing and painting, made in Tokyo. The reciprocal gesture is expected to complete alongside with a dialogue between the participant and I. The participant is invited to share about the story behind his or her selected item, however, of course, any conversation is more than welcomed!

Sample works


Loh Yi Pei, The Moving Islands, ink on paper, 64x117cm, 2016 (above)










Loh Yi Pei, The Citi Series IV, ink on paper, 72x68cm, 2012 (above)

pict003-lohyipei pict004-lohyipei

Loh Yi Pei, The Hunchbacked Mushroom, watercolour on paper, 25.5x20cm, 2016 (left)
Loh Yi Pei, We Stay Close Together, watercolour on paper, 25.5x20cm, 2016 (right)


Loh Yi Pei, The Octopus with Feathers, watercolour on paper, 25.5x20cm, 2016(above)